Demon King Barou is born in Blue Lock | AM+ 103


We've been busy but wanted to get an ep going.  So we're just answering a ton of anime related questions.

Here's everything we're watching/reviewing right now when we're back to normal scheudle.
-My Hero Academia Season 6
-To Your Eternity Season 2
-Tokyo Revengers Season 2
-Handyman Saito
-Campfire Cooking in Another World

Plus, manga chapter ratings for the week!
Here's what we're currently reading either every week or off & on.
WSJ: One Piece, My Hero, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, Yozakura Family, Undead Unluck, Mashle, Sakamoto Days, Elusive Samurai, Blue Box, PPPPPP, Akane-Banashi
J+: Dragon Ball Super, Boruto, Spy Family, Kaiju 8, Dandadan
WSM: Tokyo Revengers, Edens Zero, Four Knights of the Apocalypse
Webtoons: God of High School, unOrdinary, True Beauty, Eleceed, Let's Play, Sub-Zero, Down to Earth, Suitor Armor, Reunion, Immortal Weakling
What was your favorite chapter of the week?
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